Tucr.io for shoppers
What is Tucr and how can it help me pay for items/services?

Tucr is a simple to use web application that helps you make follow up payments on items/service that you have reserved with a deposit payment.

When you pay a participating business a deposit to reserve an item/service, we send you a deposit receipt on behalf of the business. You can access this at any-time from your email or directly from your Tucr dashboard to view details of the receipt, and make follow up payment.

How do I sign up to Tucr?

You can sign up by selecting the signup button at the top of the screen.

Does Tucr provide me with credit?

Tucr is not a line of credit. All items/services are retained by the business until you make payment in full.

What are the fees and costs associated with using Tucr?

Tucr is 100% free for shoppers. Our aim is to provide you with an alternative to purchasing through credit, therefore there are no fees applied when you make payment through Tucr.

Can I make follow up payment in person?

You can make follow up payment in person or in any other method that is accepted by the business you are dealing with. The business will simply record offline payment on your Tucr receipt from within their own Tucr account. Once updated your receipt will display a new ‘balance remaining to be paid’

How can I find which businesses use Tucr?

All participating businesses can be seen by clicking locations above.

Why can I not leave less than €20 balance on my Tucr contracts?

The smallest payment you can make online through Tucr is €20. Leaving less than €20 owed on your contract would put your remaining balance below the minimum payment amount.

Tucr.io for businesses
What is Tucr and how can it help my business?

Tucr is a simple to use web application that helps you grow revenue from partial payments. Through Tucr you can create partial payment contracts with your customers at the moment they reserve your products/services with a deposit payment and we give your customers access to a secure online payment gateway where they can make follow up payments to you. 

How do I start using Tucr?

You can start using Tucr for free by signing up for an account above and requesting access to a merchant account while doing so.

Does Tucr provide my customers with credit?

Tucr is not a line of credit. It is highly recommended that you retain the items/services until you have received payment in full from your customer.

Can my customers make payment outside of Tucr?

Your customers can make follow up payment in person or through any other method you accept. When payment is received outside of Tucr you must access the contract from your Tucr account and log the offline payment.

How do I receive payment? Does Tucr settle my money?

Tucr is your partial payment management tool. We do not handle you or your customers money, we leave this to our payment partners who provide their payment gateway for your use. Therefore our partners will settle all transaction within your account.

What are the fees and costs associated with using Tucr?

There are standard fees applied to all online transactions by our payment gateway partners. For example Stripe charge 1.4% + 30 cent per transaction for European cards (excluding VAT) for all transactions that are processed through their gateway. Stripe’s pricing can be found here.

Tucr is a software as a service business and therefore charge a monthly subscription. We offer an free entry level plan for new customers who have low volume of deposit payments. While our light plans start from $25/month. View our pricing table for full details.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

No, we charge on a month by month basis and so do not ask you to commit to a long term contract.

Can I offer fixed billing schedules through Tucr?

Yes, but not just yet. We will be adding this feature to our pro plan.

Can I add shipping costs to a contract?

Yes, you have full control over the price you charge. You can build shipping costs into contracts that you send to customers.

Can I use Tucr in another country or currency?

Currently we support billing in Euro, Dollar and Sterling. Therefore you can use Tucr accept payment in these currencies.

Who is responsible for chargebacks?

If you are accepting payment via a Stripe merchant account you are the owner of the merchant account and are and are responsible for chargebacks. We help you improve communication with your client which limits the circumstances of  chargeback happening in the first place . However should a payment be disputed your Tucr record can be used as evidence of a contact between you and your client. View Stripe dispute FAQ here

Is Tucr a financial institute?

No Tucr is not a financial institution. Tucr Limited is a technology company registered in the Republic of Ireland and provides businesses with cloud based software to log and mange payment records.

What happens if a shopper decides they no longer want the product/service?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the specific contract. Each business sets their terms and conditions within creating a Tucr account. These terms are attached to each contract the business creates. It is the businesses responsibility to create the T&C’s and it is the shopper responsibility be be aware of them.

Multiple sets of terms and conditions which they can apply to each contract the initiate with their client.

How secure is Tucr?

While Tucr is a level 1 PCI compliment company (the highest possible standard) Tucr does not handle the card details at any stage of the payment process, we leave this to our partners Stripe who are global leaders in payment and so have one of the highest level of security.

At all times on Tucr you will be within a HTTPS connection, therefore you data will be securely encrypted by an SSL connection and is also hashed within our database.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payment by debit or credit cards. A merchant account also serves as an agreement between a retailer, a merchant bank.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway facilitates the secure transfer of information between your website and your merchant account.

Do I need a merchant account to use Tucr?

In order to take payment online through a Tucr reciept/contract you must set up a merchant account that is linked to a payment gateway. Currently we integrated with Stripe, therefore you can create a Stripe account directly from your Tucr profile.

Does Tucr store customer data and card details?

No card information is stored on Tucr.  In the future we may store the last four digits of the card which is required for token and identification for fixed scheduling payment.